A Complete Payroll Software, integrated with Attendance Management & Expense Management

Synchronized Attendance and Payroll

Pulse automatically syncs your attendance data with payroll.

Consolidated Year end reporting

Let PulseHRM handle year end reports like Form16,TDS

Simple Tax filing

PulseHRM files local level & state level payroll taxes on your behalf




Try PulseHRM Payroll Module with all its features using Sample data !

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What is payroll and example?

Definition and Examples of Payroll

Payroll refers to the payment of employees by their employer. Payroll can be a noun when it describes a business’s financial records on employee pay. It can also describe a business’s process of paying employees and any corresponding taxes.

Why is payroll so important?

Payroll is one of the most important aspects of business. It affects employee morale and reflects a business’s financial stability and reputation. … Human Resources collects and enters employees’ data for payroll purposes, and Accounting completes the calculations for taxes, wages and benefits.

What is the benefits of payroll system?

The process is productive and efficient to save time and money. Your accounting department can create reports and financial documents easily. Payroll system allows you to view and control instantly all payroll expenses. This helps you graph the financial data to help you create a forecast.

What are the Features of Payroll ?
  • Syncronized Attendance and Payroll
  • Automatic TDS Deductions
  • Simple Tax filing
  • Consolidated Year end reporting
  • Detailed reporting
  • Time Integration
  • Compliance
  • Employee Access
  • Expense Mangement