As payroll champions, we are your saviors.

In this digital age, PulseHRM’s payroll implementation team is your rescuer to manage the complex process of calculating payment to employees along with all statutory compliances at the click of a button.  From hardware requirements to system compatibility and integration issues, and data cleansing to migration, there is a host of challenging technical issues that are taken care of by the implementation team when implementing new payroll software. To top everything, the team is well trained to train your team of HR as well as the accounts personnel.

How do the champions help you?

Best trainers.

Just as deploying payroll software requires expert guidance, so does the selection of the implementation team. PulseHRM implementation team is industry experts. Along with their training, we provide multiple training methods including online demos and web seminars for end users. User-friendly videos are in the making to support new entrants in your organization.

Take precautions

Payroll mistakes are costly in terms of employee’s confidence and morale.  Do not go-live before you are sure you have it right.  If you have multiple facilities consider a phased implementation schedule. Our implementation team will be guiding you through all important pre-project tasks. They believe in ‘take time to implement but get it right the first time.’

They are onboarding champions.

Apart from the technical aspect of the payroll software, PulseHRM’s payroll implementation team takes care of the other crucial side to payroll software implementation involving the organization’s people, including elements such as stakeholder analysis, change management, training strategies, and at times use of external consultants. The team is a wizard in getting everything streamlined for the implementation.

Ongoing process well managed.

The payroll software implementation is not a one-time event; rather an effective payroll solution requires an incremental approach.  Incremental development is done in steps from design, implementation, testing/verification, maintenance.  Our team is well experienced in managing these steps and if needed, break down further into sub-steps to help customer to smoothly work on the software.

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Pavan Kumar

Payroll Specialist

Implementing a payroll solution comes with a lot of planning and preparing the entire office to get geared to the payroll software. A payroll implementation brings with it a unique set of challenges and hence an implementation team with the expertise of PulseHRM is the ultimate solution. They truly live up to their motto ‘take time to implement but get it right the first time.’