Employee Monitoring Software

By Vivianna Saldanha
Monitoring Software

It’s only natural to be concerned about what your employees are doing at work, using your equipment, while they are being paid to work. Productivity aside, your company’s reputation may be at risk if they are engaging in online activities that are illegal, unethical or damaging to your brand. Workplace monitoring is one way to keep an eye on these risks. But there’s a fine line between being concerned and invading employee privacy, and crossing that line can destroy the atmosphere in the workplace.

Employers can monitor employees’ online activities, with or without employee consent or prior knowledge if they are using company owned and operated equipment, says Mr Naidu, a Hyderabad based lawyer.Monitoring employees can have benefits, but it can also decimate employee morale and, paradoxically, weaken ethical behavior. Research suggests that when companies monitor an employee’s every move, they signal distrust, which can lead to employee disengagement.

So what’s an employer to do? We suggest to motivate ethical employee behavior without resorting to a potentially harmful form of surveillance by making monitoring system completely transparent. If you’re monitoring people, let them know, and let them control what information you can see. Employee Monitoring in an office isn’t like a CID drama where detectives lurk behind the scenes and say ACP’s all time favourite ” Kuch to gadbad hai ” or ‘Hey Daya, resign karega’ to covertly catch suspected criminals because that’s the only way to get the “bad guys” to change their ways.

When it is time to consider employee monitoring options, keep in mind that having an desktop time tracking with cloud-based dashboards are the best option. PulseHRM’s Employee monitoring software tracks and reports all productive applications and hours that employee has used for officially purposes and DOESN’T track or record his personal information which automatically and seamlessly flow into payroll. PulseHRM also offers multiple input options such as biometric time clocks, mobile punching, web punching to collect time.

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