PulseHRM Launches a Mobile App


Clock-in/out on your mobile and mark your attendance on the go.

PulseHRM is excited to announce the launch of Mobile App-Time & Attendance which capacitates to increase worker productivity, reduce labor costs, and minimize compliance risks.

PulseHRM believes Mobile App-Time & Attendance has been an endeavor of our development team with the end-user in mind to get people in and out and on to being productive on their jobs.

Features of the app:

  • This collaborative effort allows you to clock in your work timings from your handheld device using internet connectivity.
  • Will give leverage for the managers to have real-time information of their team members.
  • The mobile app can provide the GPS location of the team members as they clock-in/out of the site.
  • A location-based mobile timesheet will help the team and their manager to validate a better understanding of what your team has accomplished throughout the day.

Beneficiaries of this app:

  • Employees working in sites/fieldwork job
  • Organizations where employees have fieldwork
  • Managers to validate their teamwork
  • HR can confidently manage compliance risks.

About PulseHRM

In the year 2015, Evam Tech Labs, conceived its pioneer product PulseHRM, a Human Resource Management Software, with a commitment to deliver customized and professional software which can integrate with the tools you already use. PulseHRM comes along with a host of features aimed at automating every aspect of your HR functionality.

Forward-Looking Statements

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