PulseHRM Launches New User Experience


PulseHRM is a leader in cloud applications for global human resources and project management, has launched a completely new desktop experience for its global users. Skillful planning, research, and knowledgeable market requirement have gone into the churning of new features to enhance usability in addition to suit the needs of the customers, the industry they work and present changing times.

The latest version 18.2 of PulseHRM is now available to our customers and this has many features that were most frequently requested by customers. Most communications are on template forms which can be customized or can be updated as per requirement. Reducing your HR’s paperwork is by automating most of their work leveraging both development and technology. Digital signatures of ten signatories that can be updated as required from the client’s end are the most sophisticated technology, we have added for you to experience.

Simplifying and easing the user experience for Employees, Managers, and Power Users

The design and functionality of the new user experience of PulseHRM touch every screen of the software tenaciously and the feel and look enhance the usability regardless of where a user is in the application. These benefits employees, managers, and power users across the organization in an energetic or lively manner.

  • It is customer-driven: Friendly and helpful step-by-step guidance available. Familiarise with visual cues and guides make it simple for new users to login and use PulseHRM without long training hours.
  • It is approachable: Increased whitespace, subtle iconography, and simple fonts in its dynamic operational activities make its users discover priority information and actions at a glance.
  • It is consolidated: An overall shift to a single-page application view along with several new features reduces the clicks for a user to navigate smoothly.
  • It is contextual: More intelligent and revelatory features sanctify the relevancy and security of information based on a user’s unique needs and earlier interactions in PulseHRM.

PulseHRM streamlines complex and massive scale business set-ups of large enterprises

Since large organizations meet complex regulations of global operations, PulseHRM with new user experience offers more sophisticated HRMS operational functionalities to help customers’ HR to simplify business processes also channeling accurate reporting and streamlining the workflow with the efficiencies in the cloud.

With new features in the latest version 18.2 of PulseHRM customers can:

The PulseHRM leave modules give provision for online application, approvals and get linked to the HR and Accounts department to either deduct or allot reimbursement depending on organizational rules and regulations.

PulseHRM has evolved a project management tool that gives real-time information on the actions taken on different tasks breakups of the project. Tasks are assigned to clear owners. The tool has both updating and editing options so that there will be no ambiguity to cause a crisis at any given point in time. The project manager neither has to await phone calls for reports nor has to be taken by surprise.

PulseHRM extends mobility between desktop and mobile devices without any additional setup

There would be few organizations today that haven’t understood the importance of manpower for successful business operations. From leave applications to work sharing, enterprise applications in HRMS lead to accurate reporting and streamlining the workflow. With PulseHRM in employees’ mobile, employees would be able to access their timetables, work hours, reimbursement details and other particulars. Soon would be the day when performance reviews would be on mobile which would enable employees and managers to go on with the review process. What’s more important is that all of this information can be accessed on the go, whether they are traveling or are at remote sites for work.

The increased adoption of BYOD is the quickest way to reach out and impact employee productivity. 38% of global organizations are planning to stop providing their employees with company devices.

Additional Information

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About PulseHRM

In the year 2015, Evam Tech Labs, conceived its pioneer product PulseHRM, a Human Resource Management Software, with a commitment to deliver customized and professional software which can integrate with the tools you already use. PulseHRM comes along with a host of features aimed at automating every aspect of your HR functionality.

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