Assembling the implementation team

Every software solution needs an internal champion to rally support. Typically, the internal champion also facilitates the initial implementation process—including assembling an implementation team. Strong internal champions possess leadership skills, are great communicators and are not averse to change. This champion weaves the entire process and also interacts with customer for implementing PulseHRM software.

What are the initiatives?

Supporting HR employees.

The employees who work most closely with the software will mainly help to ensure rollout, training and adoption goes smoothly facilitated by the internal champion. They interact with customers and ensure that the transition to PulseHRM happens without any hindrance. The HR guys can continue to focus on their tasks too.

Thorough knowledge

The implementation team must provide accurate training and support so that users can be confident in the new system so that sore spots can be proactively mitigated. This includes a detailed understanding of the software and teaching others, how to use the software and allied tools built into the software.

Handholding is vital

From hardware requirements to system compatibility and integration issues, and data cleansing to migration, there is a host of challenging technical issues that are taken care of by the implementation team when implementing new software. The sooner the software is implemented, the sooner the organization can reap its benefits. This also lays a foundation for a strong customer relationship with the PulseHRM team.

Support is mutual

Involved employees should complete delegated tasks in a timely fashion. The sooner the software is implemented, the sooner the organization can reap its benefits. For a successful transition, customer organization must appropriately plan for the adoption, implementation and long-term perpetuation of the software—and have the right people in place to carry out the initiative.

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Ranga Rao

Talent Partner

I extend a standing ovation to the implementation team for their dedication and the hard work they put in for all the projects they take up. All their projects have been successful and recognized as one of the best. I appreciate their focus and determination. It will not be incorrect if I add that without their support, the organization could not have gone that extra mile.