A Success Template for Every Hire.

By Manisha Reddy
A Success Template for Every Hire.

“I truly believe that onboarding is an art. Each new employee brings with them a potential to achieve and succeed. To lose the energy of a new hire through poor onboarding is an opportunity lost.” says Sarah Wetzel.

Employee onboarding is more than hiring a new person and job training the employee. When it comes to new hires, it isn’t all just handshakes and health insurance forms.  Onboarding is the process of introducing your employees to the expectations, skills, knowledge and culture of your company. Thus Onboarding is extremely significant for your new employees as well as for future employees.

Every company wants to attract and keep the best talent. This makes employee engagement and retention at the top of every manager’s priority list. Quick turnover drains companies both financially and the quality of the team. There is a lot of effort put in by the HR personnel in selecting an appropriate employee for a post in the company which also includes financial burden. When the turnover of the employee is high it adds burden to the team, the department, the company and to the customers or vendors too. This coupled with how expensive and time-consuming it can be to hire new employees, makes detailed and thoughtful onboarding more important than ever.

Keeping these in mind, HR and the managers work together to welcome a newcomer by easing his stress and take efforts to make him comfortable in the new environment. PulseHRM’s module stream line new hire boarding and increase employee productivity and retention.

PulseHRM automates the entire hiring process creating templates depending on department and employee’s hierarchy

A success template for EvryHIre 1

Feedback is an effective way assess any tool:

How do you assess whether all the hard work you put into your onboarding of new hires is paying off? PulseHRM strongly suggests that new hires are the best source of eliciting information. Prepare a feedback form, giving them a chance to share their feedback about the company in general and the entire onboarding process in particular, maybe after a fortnight or a month from the date of hire.

You can use the information you gather during the feedback process to get a sense of what’s working well in your new hire experience and then make refinements to your program as necessary.

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