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By Jiah Abbas
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Onboarding is originally mistaken for a paperwork exercise that’s all about payroll, tax information, employee handbooks and benefits forms. While these steps are essential and essential by law, they are not the heart of the onboarding process. These bring cracks and new hires start sending out job applications within the first six months on the […]

How Can HR Improve Onboarding Programs Effectively?

By Vivianna Saldanha
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Good onboarding programs and the organization’s strong performance management system ensure that your current employees are valued and equipped with all tools required to succeed. A satisfied and well-integrated employee reveals in a tangible manner how the organization is genuinely concerned about its employees, reducing the likelihood of the latter looking for a job elsewhere […]

Employee Module With Boarding and Off Boarding Modules

By parimala

Employee module is used to store all employee information like Basic details, bank account details, contact details, family details, qualification, employment details, salary details, assets assigned, grades assigned and other details which your organization decides. Employee module contains the below modules and sub modules: 1.Add Employee -This page is used to create credentials for a […]