Effects of Engagement in Workplace

By Mohammed Arshad Khan
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Every organization has different levels of employee engagement. As HR personnel one has to assess the engagement available in the organization and consider those which one has to do differently to change for the better.

One needs to concentrate to convert the organization into an engaged workplace by bringing together both engaged employees and engaged employers. Employers can become engaged by taking some proactive actions congenial to establish an engaged workplace. Promote a positive workplace culture, communicate company core values, encourage open conversation between employees and supervisors reaching across generational divides. It’s not hard for employers to let workers know their team values their contribution. Creating an engaged workplace is bringing together a team of people whose professional goals align with organizational goals. This can generate multiple effects within an organization, boosting productivity and many more.

Improve Employee Engagement
  1. The organization gains a harmonious environment in which each team member is invested in the success of the business or organization, thus bring in a positive workplace culture!
  2. Engaged employees take personal responsibility for their engagement and for their contribution to the organization.
  3. Engaged employees are ambassadors for their organization. They bring in more business and/or enhancing the organization’s reputation.
  4. Proactive employers can take steps to show care and conscientiousness in employees’ work or duties. Engaged employees are more involved in fulfilling the strategic vision of their organization.
  5. Engaged employees are committed to their organization, which means they are less likely to pursue employment somewhere else and feel more comfortable with their workplace environment.
  6. Engaged employees can bring a wealth of value to an organization.
  7. An effective way to foster positive communication is by implementing an open-door policy. An open-door policy invites employees to take any concerns they may have to any manager in the company. Inter-employee communication builds helping growth of teamwork as well as confidence in management.

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