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By Mohammed Khader
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A well-decorated office is one added attraction to attract talents and key to retention. Managers and HR do know that apart from fair compensation and benefits, a great work environment can boost employee morale, encourage motivation, and enhance employees’ quality of life. Despite the satisfaction of working in an office, a select group looks forward to working from home!

Work from home is given to very few employees due to circumstances that are beyond HR’s purview.  Generally, it is allowed for employees who are hired from other states or nations. The organization has to provide software development, technology and various other outsourcing services to its global clients. This option has immensely helped the company to secure and retain an exclusive pool of talent.

Another reason could be to curtail the increasing stress in regular office jobs and accommodate those employees who want to give time to their family can opt for work from home schemes. Under this scheme, they need to have a personal computer and an internet connection at home.

When the top management believes that with the launch of latest remote technologies it would become quite easy to operate from a location which is outside office such as home and can also take part in different meetings and presentations with the help of remote access technology, the organization offers its employees a unique option to work from home. The company believes that this option not only ensures flexibility among employees but also helps the company to reduce real estate costs.  The real estate cost is the highest recurring cost after paying salaries to the employees. Especially when an organization rents a furnished place for their employees to work, the cost escalates as the years go by. But it is just rent for the unfurnished office, the cost of readying the office falls on the organization.

Absence of commuting, which would save both time and money is the main reason followed by greater flexibility and having more space to themselves are other reasons why an employee feels comfortable working from home. With the growing popularity of the WFH concept, more and more people are coming forward and adapting to this concept.

A word of caution to employees: Don’t fall into the trap of working non-stop without breaks just because you’re comfortable at home – you’ll burn out.

A few Tips for Employees to Work from Home Efficiently— from others who have managed this approach effectively.

1. The WFH option should be treated professionally and not considered as a relaxing proposal.

2. Do not fall for distractions but design a well-planned routine so that work and your other chores do not clash.

3. Stay abreast of the latest technological updates and software developments as you may never know what software or hardware update you may                  need now and in the future.

4. Strengthen your communicative abilities- may that be face-to-face or voice interactions.  Video conferencing, Communications on phone or text                  communication are vital when you work from home independently.

5. Tracking one’s progress will help in a long way. Apps  can be used and it is always better to be well within limit which will keep you accountable                         and more productive to work.

6. Remain focused during your designated working hours. Distractions should be a big no.

7. If you are unable to complete something remotely, be accountable and transparent about it.

8. Communicate any problems you encounter immediately with your manager, client or team so they can seek extra resources if need be. Always                        be accountable and transparent about it.

9. Finally, like any office work, taking breaks from your work is a tool to boost productivity.

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