Start-ups/SMBs: Free Yourself from Worries

By Savithri Subramanian
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Organizations however small they are, must invest in HRMS which can manage all employee data as well as payroll to start with. This automation will improve the efficiency of the functioning of the HR department. PulseHRM allows an organization to add modules to ease organizational work as there is growth in both business and number of employees.  The software is user friendly, turns the office work paperless and on real-time basis.

Knowing the benefits of PulseHRM will provide you an edge to decide on the software.

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  • Cloud Based application
  • Plug-n-Use
  • Easily Integrated to any application
  • Integrated with any Biometric System
  • Unlimited Reports at the click of a button
  • Completely Customizable application
  • Quick Customer Support
  • Pay as you Grow
  • Availability of help and User Training
  • Completely Secured Application
  • Data Backup

PulseHRM is a modular and comprehensive cloud based HRMS software—Click here to know more.

Wondering why HRMS is important for your start-up or small business?

  • Having read the benefits of PulseHRM, a few points can be elaborated on how an HRMS adds value to your organization.
  • An HRMS enables employees to update personal data without having to involve HR personnel. -This stepping stone to promote employee engagement.
  • An HRMS automates employee onboarding process with a fully integrated payroll system. This leads to the smooth working of the organization.
  • Your business can manage a diverse workforce with the ability to track multiple shifts. – The expansion of business does not mean you must change the PulseHRM software.
  • Offers employees and the managers self-service access that allows the staff to view approvals as well as update leave requests, regularise attendance, downloading payslips, uploading tax declarations etc, thus saving a great deal of time and efforts. An enormous amount of paperwork gets saved in the organization and eases the burden on the finance personnel.
  • HRMS allows HR to give access to concerned people. The entire appraisal process can be done on one to one basis where access is as per hierarchy. Being paperless, privacy will be maintained.
  • HRMS provides quick online tracking facilities, generating reports and document storage capabilities thus improving the efficiency of the HR department.

PulseHRM has most of the HR aspects covering the entire employee lifecycle in the organization from hiring to performance management to exit management and everything in between from document to asset management.Reach out to have a free demo here. Switch now by clicking here.

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