Employee Module With Boarding and Off Boarding Modules

By parimala

Employee module is used to store all employee information like Basic details, bank account details, contact details, family details, qualification, employment details, salary details, assets assigned, grades assigned and other details which your organization decides.

Employee module contains the below modules and sub modules:

1.Add Employee -This page is used to create credentials for a newly joined employee and all mandatory fields need to be filled.

2.Active Employee – This page is used to update the information of employees stored previously.

3.User Credentials – This page is used to send credentials to new / existing employee to their official email ID. The mail sent out would contain the login URL, employee username and temporary password.

4.Relived Employees – This page contains all the information about relieved / terminated employees.

5.Onboarding of new employees – this page will contain procedures by providing a systematic way to make managers and employees comply with the tasks that the company sets – define deadlines for induction completion for both the employee and manager to complete some tasks like assigning tools and equipment to the newly joined employee.

6.Offboarding module ensures a seamless transition when an employee leaves the company like retrieving all physical assets, deleting sensitive organization related data from their personal devices, revoking the digital access rights. This means that IT managers and departmental managers are kept abreast of changes and have access to the offboarding module.

  • Onboarding – Adding new employee
  •  All Active employee information
  •  Sending user credentials to employees for accessing PulseHRM application
  •  All Relieved employee information
  •  Bulk upload of employee data(which includes Account, contact, Family, Qualification and Previous employment details)
  • Bulk Upload of employee documents
  • Offboarding

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