Leave Management

By Ranga Rao
Leave management


Leave-letter from an employee who was performing his daughter’s wedding: “As I am marrying my daughter, please grant a week’s leave…”

Leave is given to employees to attend their personal inevitable circumstances which may not happen on a day when the organization has a holiday.  This leave could be for a festival, an occasion in the family or friends, sickness of a family member, obituary of a known person and such unavoidable circumstance when the employee has to be present for his social obligation. At times the leave request could be a sudden sickness of self or for a planned surgery. A responsible employee always makes his seniors and subordinates know whenever the leave requirement is known in advance and in case of emergency, he informs them at the earliest opportunity.

Leave of an employee is as vital as his salary and perks are to him and it is important that this is tracked without any misunderstanding between the HR, employee and his manager.  A leave module comes to help to keep a track of the leave allotted by the organization, its types of leaves, leaves availed, leave history of an employee, leave balances etc.  The PulseHRM leave modules gives provision for online application, approvals and gets linked to the HR and Accounts department to either deduct or allot imbursement depending on organizational rules and regulations.

Leave module contains the below modules and sub modules:

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