By Savithri Subramanian

Attendance Management System is an innovative tool to maintain and manage the attendance of students/employees. This software is developed for daily student attendance in schools, colleges and institutes facilitating access to the attendance information by sorting them. The basic software gives access to two users. A. Administrator to add, delete or modify information stored in the database. B. Authorised users- teaching staff who can view the stored data and update student’s attendance in the form of formatted reports and to students only to view the data stored in the database.

Attendance management software works as a complete tool enabling HR to monitor employee attendance, working hours, holidays, late arrivals, early departures, time taken during breaks, absenteeism and many more utilities becoming employee attendance management systems.

Real-time data encourages HR leaving no delay in the timeliness of the information provided and every employee’s attendance gets accurately logged. You can prevent time theft and attendance abuse. There are many ways of tracking time and attendance, the most popular options being the biometric devices available in the current market.

The attendance software integrates a Biometric device installed in the organization and real-time information is available to the managers, HR and the employees. PulseHRM is a world-class employee management system that can be linked even with Facial Recognition, Mask Detection, Temperature Scanning sensors with Artificial Intelligence and touchless iris biometric attendance machines.

It is important that leave availed by the employee is tracked without any misunderstanding between the HR, employee and his manager.  A leave module comes to help to keep a track of the leave allotted by the organization, its types of leaves, leaves availed, leave-history of an employee, leave balances etc.  The PulseHRM leave module gives provision for online application, approvals and gets linked to the HR and payroll to either deduct or allot reimbursement depending on organizational rules and regulations.

The Attendance data is synchronized with payroll thus leaving no ambiguity in the data covered. Employees working remotely will be able to login through the app with their location and thus support your global workforce strategy. Clubbed with employee monitoring software a detailed report gets generated on productive hours of employees. When it is time to reconsider your time and attendance options, keep in mind that having an online, cloud-based software is the best option. As for the actual time tracking method, again, we recommend using biometric time clocks. PulseHRM’s time and attendance software allow hours to automatically and seamlessly flow into payroll, which means no dual entry between platforms. Attendance gets captured in real-time from devices. PulseHRM also offers multiple input options such as biometric time clocks, mobile punching, web punching and PC punching to track time.

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