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Time and attendance

By Ranga Rao

  “Improve workforce productivity – sync your automated system to PulseHRM” Time and attendance systems (TNA) are used to track and monitor employees work time in the organization. A time and attendance system enable HR to monitor employees working hours, late arrivals, early departures, time taken on breaks and absenteeism. This module can be linked […]

Leave Management

By Ranga Rao
Leave management

  “Leave-letter from an employee who was performing his daughter’s wedding: “As I am marrying my daughter, please grant a week’s leave…” Leave is given to employees to attend their personal inevitable circumstances which may not happen on a day when the organization has a holiday.  This leave could be for a festival, an occasion […]

New Age biometric systems : Ear canal

By Ranga Rao

As biometric authentication techniques work to reduce the need for passwords, researchers and companies are seeking out new ways – including ear canal biometrics – to make sure people are who they say they are. Upon first consideration, ear canals might not have the highest appeal, given that they are not exactly the most glamorous […]