By Savithri Subramanian

We believe that great businesses are powered by great people. And to be a great business, you need to drive better outcomes through a well- connected workforce. The human resource department has become a vital entity to the growth of the organization. Core HR (core human resources) is a blanket term for the basic functions of an HR department and the software used to manage basic HR processes.

Employees are the HR department’s internal customers; therefore, HR’s obligation to serve its customers is a function of the department along with the function of ensuring that the company complies with the State labor and employment laws. The core responsibilities of HR include transactional and functional activities, such as establishing compensation structure, addressing employee relations matters, recruiting qualified applicants and maintaining workplace safety. In order to ease the HR personnel’s work, a well-evolved human resource management system needs to be put in place. Any software that helps with storing all employee information in a database, making it easy to create employee profiles, uses employee information to extract reports and other allied functionalities may be considered core HR software. Installing PulseHRM we can contribute to your business to support your business goals and in creating an engaged workforce.

PulseHRM allows organizations to add more modules to ease organizational work like payroll, Asset management, onboarding, offboarding, leave management etc. to name a few. The software is user friendly, allows us to select access as per hierarchy, do away to spreadsheets, loads of files and turns the office work paperless and on real-time basis. The Attendance data is synchronized with payroll. Employee engagement builds a unified company culture.

Core HR (core human resources) is a blanket term that describes

  •     Core HR basic functions
  •     Core HR basic information
  •     Core HR well-designed software

How does PulseHRM help Core HR?

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The entire hiring process is completely automated. This eases the load of the HR personnel. User Credentials from HR containing the login URL, employee username and temporary password to the new hires sent through Pulse.

On onboarding, the HR can request new hire to update his details directly on PulseHRM-Employee details.

  • Storing employee information
  • Bank details and his UAN
  • Tracking verified status (Aadhaar, PAN)
  • No mistake in updating information since it is done by the employee.
  • Company assets needed can be added at this stage.
  • HR can capture employee information at the click of a button.

Adhering to statutory compliances is necessary for all big and small companies in the world to keep their businesses safe from legal trouble. Deep knowledge of statutory compliances is required to minimize the risk associated with the non-compliance of statutory requirements. PulseHRM facilitates HR with all necessary compliances in the Payroll module which is in sync with mobile applications and biometrics to automatically synchronize with the attendance data. This will ensure the smooth working of the payroll of the organization. The leave module adds value to the payroll and always conveys the updated leave record.

The administrative module/ workforce management provides organization set up that involves administration permission, role creation, and workflow for notifications and approvals, data validations, service request with SLA’s, auto escalations and approval/ rejection.

  • Organization Master Setup–Global Parameter like Location, Department and Designations, Grades, etc.
  • Location-based holiday calendar.
  • Primary Contact and other department head’s notification setup for email alerts.
  • Onboarding Checklist Process.
  • Template Design like hike letter, Confirmation letter, Relieving letter and others.
  • Sending Greetings to Employees. Plus conveys birthdays, Holidays and work anniversary on the opening page.
  • Bulletin for internal communication.
  • Role-based PulseHRM application access.
  • Bulk Uploading of Company NDA and other Policy Documents.
  • Reports on Master setup with export option.

HR is facilitated by PulseHRM to generate all official letters like confirmation, offer letters, the entire appraisal to evaluate employees’ performance, letters of appreciation, increments, transfers, warning letters and termination letters.

Offboarding module ensures a seamless transition when an employee leaves the company like retrieving all physical assets, deleting sensitive organization related data from their personal devices, revoking the digital access rights. This means that IT managers and departmental managers are kept abreast of changes and have access to the offboarding module. The asset tracking module helps HR in retrieving physical assets from outgoing employee and it also helps the IT and HR to track their assets during stocktaking and audits.

In totality, PulseHRM encourages contribution to employee engagement which increases productivity, retention and overall business performance.

PulseHRM has most of the HR aspects covering the entire employee lifecycle in the organization from hiring to performance management to exit management and everything in between from document to asset management. Based on Oracle cloud levels of efficiency, security, PulseHRM application availability is guaranteed.

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