Significance of effective offboarding process

By Manisha Reddy
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Do we show the employee who wants to leave, the exit quickly, giving them a negative impression? Are we too concerned that their dissatisfaction may influence otherwise settled employees and try to move them on too fast? And what about the important recommendations and referrals we rely on to find the talent for those hard-to-fill jobs? It is a common word of wisdom that negative information spread too fast around. Leaving ex-employees with a bad memory can cost the organization dearly in the long run.

Most businesses have now realized the value in keeping a congenial relationship with ex-employees, which is why the process known as off-boarding – literally the reverse of on-boarding, where we give people leaving a positive experience and friction-less transition out of the business – has been gaining importance on all the corporate agenda. An effective offboarding benefits the organization in many ways. It is the joint responsibility of the human resource professionals and managers to provide for such a magnetic exit experience. 

Having said the above let us see the significance of effective offboarding in the organization.

  1. The happy, satisfied outgoing employees are ambassadors of the organization and they are advocates to recommend good prospects too.
  2. Ex-employees can keep recommending us to other potential customers.
  3. People who worked for the organization are part of a wider community of those with connections to the business. They need to be kept informed and should encourage them to be part of the sharing network.
  4. The parting employees who do not move straight to another role can play an important part as mentors, trainers and coaches to new employees in the initial days.
  5. The concept of ‘boomerang hires’ – where we re-hire people who have worked for us before is yet another indicator ofa constructive offboarding in the organization.
  6. Some who leave the organization may become freelancers, consultants or gig-workers. As the need for a contingent workforce grows, the network seamlessly can recommend people to work on a contract or project basis providing much-needed skill enhancement to the organization.

Tailor-made features for seamless offboarding workflows: PulseHRM enables clients to set up customized exit policies, automate the resignation letter workflow- software solutions enable employees to submit resignation letters online, do resignation approvals online, resignation withdrawal workflow, exit checklist workflow and finally the exit interviews. Relieving letters and experience letters can also be automated. 

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