By Aparna Raparthi

A software application reduces the laborious manual workload of HR activities and organizations automate all of these processes by installing specialized human resource management systems like PulseHRM. Internal or external IT professionals help is solicited to develop and maintain an all-encompassing integrated HRMS. At the click of a button, every single activity gets recorded and can be extracted at the fraction of a minute. Every employee is given a username and a password and depending on the employee’s hierarchy access and authorization are assigned. HRMS is integrated with other systems within organizations like access control systems with Biometric devices, Finance/Accounts, Project Management Systems, CRM, Support and other administration systems.

  • Employees empowered through a self-service portal for requests/approvals, thus reducing dependency on HR personnel.
  • Centralized, secure and role-based access to data on the cloud makes the reports configurable.
  • Empowering the employees gives satisfaction to the employees, drives them to become engaged employees and a lot of hassle is resolved both for the employees as well as to the HR.

HR can include both tutorials as well as utilize the handbook to educate the employee to go about the PulseHRMS.  To achieve overall growth, the company not only depends on its sales but also on a well-designed performance management process to ensure the improvement of employees’ performance and the businesses’ bottom line.

Self-service during Onboarding:

Employee Self Service gives your employees the opportunity to provide, edit and manage their information in your employee database portal of PulseHRM with just a few clicks. With this feature, you eliminate errors that otherwise can occur and thus reducing dependency on an HR.

  • Manage personal profile information
  • Notifications related to colleagues, departments and company

Self-service in Requests & Approvals:

  • Internal help desk for service request
  • Attendance Request
  • Expense Request
  • Leave Request
  • Resignation Request
  • Training Request
  • Loan Request
  • Work from Home Request
Self-service in Requests & Approvals

Here the employees and their immediate officer/manager get the opportunity to raise a request and sanction an approval. Paperwork is eliminated and real-time information is available to the managers, HR and the employees.

Self-service in Attendance Regularization:

PulseHRM automatically synchronizes your attendance data with payroll. Just at the month-end, the employees get to regularise their attendance and the same can be approved by their managers.

Self-service in Feedbacks:

Feedbacks are vital in all growth since it is an awareness to bring about improvement.  PulseHRM offers templates where employees can give feedback on training conducted for them from their portal.  Feedback on employee engagement is also vital for organizational growth. Feedbacks are shared with employees to let them know their productivity in the performance management system.

Self-service in Reports:

PulseHRM grows along with your organization.  Modules get increased in numbers, each module increases in length and hence reports are imperative to gain quick access to what is updated in the system.  PulseHRM has customized reports which can be called for with just a few clicks. PulseHRM facilitates HR people to share all major updates and important information to the departments in minutes without depending on IT personnel. This empowers users to quickly extract information & generate appropriate reports.

  • Online pay slip, MIS reports & payment disbursement statements.
  • Leave record
  • Attendance record –useful for Managers/HR/ Employees/ Finance etc.

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