HR Advice & Opinion

By Savithri Subramanian

Sometimes, you just need a healthy dose of HR advice.

That’s what these blogs provide. Ranging from professional to funny to really out there, these blogs provide insights on problems you have on a daily basis in the office. And maybe a little bit of personal advice on the side.


The HR Capitalist offers tons of content around everything HR. The creator, Kriss Dunn, touts his blog as being transparent and authentic, and he offers advice to help readers optimize HR processes so they can have more time “to do stuff that matters.” If you want a no-nonsense look at a career in HR, then this blog is for you.



HR Bartender: Founded and run by Sharlyn Lauby, HR Bartender covers a wide variety of topics in a friendly-yet-detailed way HR professionals will understand and be able to apply. Just like the namesake, spending time on this blog feels like a casual conversation with a friendly bartender who is always there and always full of practical advice.



The Evil HR Lady (Suzanne Lucas) has been doing this for at least a decade, and you can find her on just about any business-related website. But her blog is the best place to find all her articles in an easy-to-consume format—which is good because it’s almost impossible to think of an HR-related subject she hasn’t covered before. Multiple times. In depth.



The creator of The Tim Sackett Project, Tim Sackett, has spent 20 years in the HR and talent arena. Along the way, he’s accumulated plenty of experience, insights, and “worthless stuff rattling around in (his) head,” and it’s all there for your perusal. Whether you’re seeking recruiting advice, recognition tips, leadership lessons, or just some entertaining reading from someone who can relate to the trials and troubles of life in HR, we can guarantee one thing: worthless is the worst adjective to describe what you’ll find on Tim’s blog.





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