HR Leadership

By Savithri Subramanian

There’s a difference between managers and leaders. Leaders aren’t just administrators; they’re exemplars. They don’t just manage their employees; they inspire them.

They don’t just do their jobs; they take care of their organization, their employees, and the customer. They mentor those who need help and those who have potential. They’re the kind of people we look up to.

Becoming a person like that doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a lot of hard work and humility to become the kind of person who’s trustworthy, respectable, and admirable. Speaking of humility, getting some tips from the pros doesn’t hurt, either.






Unlocked publishes content geared toward helping HR professionals and managers optimize their people and office operations. This includes everything from communication and innovation to onboarding and wellness. It’s the perfect place to track down high-level insights for effectively managing an office.


HRZone is, in its own words, a place for HR professionals and business leaders to find “advice, guidance, opinions, and up-to-date information on how the working life and responsibilities of the modern HR professional are being shaped.” It provides a look at the future of HR and HR best practices and would be an excellent resource for anyone in the industry.


Great Leadership discusses ways you can turn yourself into an effective and respected leader. The blog, run by Dan McCarthy, an experienced leader and manager, offers easily applicable advice for those looking to improve their leadership skills.

Great Leadership approaches topics like building a healthy work culture, garnering useful feedback, crisis management, and more. Learn from the experiences of McCarthy and various professionals who contribute to the blog as guest writers.

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