Performance Management System

By Aparna Raparthi
Performance management system

“Performance Management System is the key driving force to employee’s productivity, development, rewards and awards”

The performance management module enables the performance appraisal process to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of the employees. Pulse HRM will help in including your performance management components into the module. Being centralized, secured and paperless, this module will keep the evaluation transparent to the employee and relevant people in the organization based on hierarchy.

It is a known fact that PMS can transform work culture with an employee-centric to boost productivity. PulseHRM module has planning, monitoring, evaluating employee performance, employee recognition, employee development as its major components in PMS.   The modules can create frequent performance check-ins, constructive feedback, continuous employee development and recognition which can lead to an increase in employee engagement and productivity and thus create a positive work environment.

The above  image will give you a broad view of our performance management module. PulseHRM’s executive will work consensually with your HR and tune the module as per your processes.

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