By Divya Adusumilli
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Everyone was apprehensive about the new development of lockdown and work shifting to the home front.  Not knowing what is in store, many thought the pandemic would come to an end soon. The experience of remote working took both the corporate world and the employees on a merry go round which still is on for the last 15 months.

Despite the strong start, there were still challenges. Since employees do not meet each other in person, it took us time to break the ice. The virtual meetings from the home front took time to adjust both for actual employees and people at home. However, all figured out that communication would be the key to good teamwork, carved out strategies. With the WFH culture becoming a way of life, it’s more crucial than ever to practice mindfulness.

The change in all regular work routines has increased levels of stress and anxiety overall.  Not to forget the fact that there may be two or three working people and some young school or college going youngsters in the same house managing their work and studies using the internet. With all these scenarios, it is imperative to stay focused and productive, especially when distractions tend to be more abundant.

Here are some tips to stay focused and productive.

Reset your routine to fit working from home.

“A healthy, low-stress, [and] focused morning routine sets the tone for the whole day,” says clinical psychologist Ryan Howes, Ph.D.

Start your day with morning hygiene, a healthy breakfast and an outfit that helps you feel put together. Cementing some of the morning habits can make it easier to prioritize your mental and physical health throughout the rest of the day too.  Nourishing yourself with enough hydration, simple stretch exercises, a healthy breakfast, and giving a lending a helping hand in the household chores energizes oneself.

Set yourself in a comfortable workspace

While the work came home, the office workstation did not. This forced many to work on not very ideal workstations like sofa, couches and even beds. The key to successfully working at home is having a comfortable workspace. Proper ventilation and lighting are important. Choose a sunny spot near a window or ensure sufficient supplementary lighting. Let the fresh air reinvigorate you.

Health too is wealth

More screen time translates into more eye strain. This strain often causes eye pain, redness, inability to focus, impaired vision, neck ache, and other symptoms. Maintain the correct distance between the screen and your eyes, the right light to combat the light from your computer screen, use eye protection glasses when you have to spend long hours on your laptop. Long hours of sitting also lead to bad posture and may further end up slouching, rounding up your shoulders putting your head forward.

Prevention better than cure

A comfortable chair with adjustable height with feet flat on the ground is ideal. The chair should have a backrest with a pillow to support the lower back. Also, remember to take a break of 2 to 5 minutes every 60 minutes during working hours. Movement relaxes tissues, lubricates joints, prevents stiffness improves circulation, reduces fatigue, and increases stamina. Consciously make an effort to improve your posture.

Switch Off Work Mode and stay connected with the world

Once you are done with work, shut off your laptop, phone or anything to do with work and switch to a quick 10-minute meditation. Making it a daily habit will show the change it brings to your life. It’s vital to cultivate hobbies which you wanted to pursue way back in your younger days, be it singing, dancing, yoga, playing an instrument, painting… the list is endless. You would be surprised to see the availability of online classes to suit your timings.  You may not be able to interact with your co-workers or friends the way you use to, but make an effort to stay in touch by messaging them frequently or interacting with them online. Always stay positive.


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